From where did we start to Create Scriptural Currency for Citizens and self-determinated individuals?

The intervention of the GST© Virtual BANK, an Extraterritorial Monetary Organization belonging to the “M1” monetary aggregate circuit, created through the contractual acceptance of the Unilateral Contract protocol gstvb-002-2018 of 09 October 2018 the possibility to create scriptural money denominated in euro fiat (written in various forms EURO, Euro, euro, EUR) and/or in any other currency written in various forms according to the regulation of the protocol itself, for citizens and self-determined individuals in the territory of the Italian peninsula and the islands belonging to the same.

GIANGIACOMO SAVOGIN TRUST © Virtual Bank, the first non-profit bank, whose purpose is to redistribute the money by creating book money, using it for the following objectives:

1. for the final payment of debts, real or presumed, with banks, tax authorities and public administration;
2. for the payment for the purchase of the first house in energy class A + or the renovation of an existing one, reclassifying it in energy class A +;
3. to pay for the purchase of a hybrid or electric car;
4. for the payment of all taxes, duties, and taxes of any kind and kind;
5. to top up your current account for daily expenses, in compliance with human rights (food, clothing, utility costs, visits/therapies, medical/dental, any minor child management costs, management costs for the movable and immovable property);
6. to make donations and charities.

The activities of the GST © Virtual Bank concern philanthropy, cultural promotion, the promotion of green and free energy, and harmonious and responsible social development.

GIANGIACOMO SAVOGIN TRUST © Virtual Bank was born from the awareness that the constitutive acts of the entire world banking system were canceled by the action of OPPT (One People Public Trust) at the end of 2012 through the True Bill registered with UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) with n: # 2012114776 of October 24, 2012.