Five strong points to achieve our goals

1. In our contract, the way is the truth.

2. In our business, the procedure is and will be clear.

3. The contract is strong and is for all.

4. The GST© Virtual Bank is registered in Italy and in the International Financial System.

5. The code to achieve recognition in the financial realm is real, just different.

10.04.2017 – UCC-FINANCING-STATEMENT-First-Steps-or-recognition


11.11.2018 – UCC-Financing-Statement-for-Unilateral-Contract-n.-gstvb-002-2018-1


22.06.2023 – LEI_984500E790C7J4E85U37-copia

24.01.2024 – UCC FINANCING STATEMENT File Number 2024-024-3493-7 -updated documents-


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